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Fun in the Kitchen

Including your kids in the kitchen to cook easy, simple and nutritious meals helps increase their vocabulary, teaches them how to count and demonstrates science!

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What is infant mortality?

Babies dying before they reach their first birthday.

Statistics in Fresno County:

  • In Fresno County African-American babies die at 3 times the rate of other babies.
  • This means that for every thousand babies born in Fresno County.

There are many reasons babies and moms are experiencing poor health outcomes. 

We are changing this

  • Group Pregnancy Care – Expecting mothers, due at the same time, receive prenatal care in a group setting. This type of care promotes better access to medical staff, peer support, and information about nutrition, stress management, breastfeeding, labor and delivery. This model has proven to improve health outcomes for moms and their babies.
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  • Blue Ribbon Panel – Bringing experts together to improve health and social services for the diverse communities of Fresno County.
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  • Parent Network – Offers parents who have experienced infant mortality and pre-term birth an opportunity to contribute to community efforts working to improve the health outcomes of families.
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Get Involved

  • Speak up for women, children and families in your community.
  • Reach out and support your pregnant friends, family and neighbors. Let them know, they’re not alone.
  • Stay informed. Email us at

Reading at grade level by third grade is the most important predictor of a child’s high-school graduation and future success. In Fresno County more than 50% of all third-graders are not reading at grade level. To reverse this trend, the Birth Through Third Grade Challenge Initiative was launched.

The B3 challenge unites schools and the community to improve the way we support children from birth to third grade for a lifetime of success.

  • Learn More about B3.
  • Highlight the 5 school districts involved (Will use Exploratory Study, to determine content. Waiting for this from our evaluation team.)

Breastfeeding is the healthiest start for all babies. We invest in efforts to encourage breastfeeding anywhere and everywhere for at least the first sixmonths of life. There are many benefits for mom, baby and our community when all mothers are supported to breastfeed.

Need Support?

Welcome Baby Bags

Through a partnership with Community Regional Medical Center, Saint Agnes Medical Center, Clovis Community Medical Center and Adventist Medical Center – Reedley, we promote breast milk as baby’s first, most important food by providing a Welcome Baby Bag to every newborn’s family.

BFF Community Initiative

In a waiting room, at a restaurant, while at church; in California mothers have the right to breastfeed anywhere they are allowed to be. Imagine a community where office buildings, stores, churches and all critical establishments publicly display their support for breastfeeding. They can do this by displaying the BFF logo at their location.

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