Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me about your programs for kids?

First 5 Fresno County funds many different programs for children, including home visitation, parent-child developmental learning groups, child care and preschool, Kindergarten Camps, and health programs.

Does my child qualify for your program?

The best way to find out if your child qualifies for a program funded by First 5 Fresno County is to contact that program directly. Our programs work closely together so often if they are not able to provide a service to your child, the program staff will help connect you with another program. There are no income guidelines for First 5 Fresno County programs. See a list of our funded programs.

Where can I find a preschool?

Call F.I.N.D. Care at Central Valley Children’s Services Network, 456-8195, Monday through Friday from 9-4. The school districts also offer preschools and you can contact your neighborhood school to find the nearest preschool on an elementary school campus. Many programs require that families have incomes under a certain threshold, due to the regulations of their funding.

Can my child get into a First 5 Fresno County funded preschool?

First 5 Fresno County funds 4 preschool programs and each one enrolls children and families on-site. These programs are at Stone Soup, Fresno Interdenominational Refugee Ministries (FIRM), Burroughs Elementary and Mayfair Elementary.  Parents can contact the Program Coordinator to see if their child qualifies for the preschool and can be enrolled. The First 5 Fresno County Preschools typically follow the Fresno Unified School District calendar, starting in mid-August and ending after the first week in June.

How do I know a preschool is quality?

The same way you determine quality of any program for children, you really need to go to the program, spend some time there and watch how adults talk with children. Do children and adults enjoy talking with each other; do they get a chance to talk one-on-one? Do the relationships between children and adults, and children with children seem warm and friendly? Do children seem interested in the activities? Do they have plenty of opportunities to choose their own activity, which helps them develop a lifelong interest in learning? Do they have plenty of time outdoors and is there enough variety of activities both outdoors and indoors?

How can I find childcare?

Call F.I.N.D. Care at Central Valley Children’s Services Network, 456-8195, monday through Friday from 9-4. This program has information about all the licensed child care available in Fresno County and can help parents find a family child care home, child care center or preschool. F.I.N.D. Care can also help parents who need help paying for child care get on the waiting list for those funds.

How do I know childcare is quality?

F.I.N.D. Care has lots of information about how to know if a child care program is good quality. There is no substitute for visiting the program yourself, with your child; talking with the child care providers and seeing for yourself if you and your child feel comfortable in the program.

How can I get parent kits?

New Parent Kits can be ordered by parents or organizations that provide services for children 0-5 and their parents.  Parents can call 1-800-KIDS-025 to get kits mailed directly to their house from State First 5.  Agencies requiring multiple kits may contact First 5 Fresno County’s Communications Specialist at 559-241-6511 or email: to inquire about placing a special order.