Health Promotion

Children’s optimal physical and mental health in early childhood is important in preparing them for school and for life.

Preventative care is critical to the health and development of children from a prenatal state through age 5. First 5 Fresno County invests in efforts that support early identification and intervention, breastfeeding, and health literacy education to ensure:

  • Parents with newborns are connected to appropriate supportive networks and services
  • Pregnant women receive adequate prenatal care
  • Women are screened and referred for prenatal and postpartum depression
  • Systems improve breastfeeding support
  • Parents and caregivers have the tools and knowledge to identify and screen children for developmental delays.

First 5 Fresno County in partnership with the Central Valley Health Policy Institute released the African American Infant Mortality in Fresno County Needs Assessment. Download the full report here.  To see all our Health Promotion programs, click here.

Building the capacity of caregivers and parents together with children can strengthen communities and in return benefit children’s lifelong learning, health, and behavior. To learn more check out this video: