First 5 Fresno County understands we cannot do it alone. In order to have the greatest impact on children and families, we must leverage our resources with community partners.


Fresno State

Bulldog Sports PropertiesThe Bulldog Spirit Early Literacy public education campaign consists of customized messaging during Fresno State sports events to increase awareness and encourage talking, reading and singing as part of everyday activities between parents or caring adults and young children.

The California Advocate

This yearlong partnership of monthly advertisements and editorials targeting the African American community highlights issues in the areas of Health Promotion, Early Learning, Strong Families and Public Policy & Advocacy as they relate to children under the age of 5 and their families.

The California Advocate

The Fresno Housing Authority

Fresno-Housing-Authorities-logoIn support of 3rd grade level reading, our partnership with the Fresno Housing Authority prioritizes young children by providing on-site mobile classroom education programs at four Low-Income Public Housing and Tax-Credit properties across the City and County of Fresno.

Lasting improvements to the health and development of the county’s youngest residents are possible when community organizations, private agencies, families, individuals and First 5 Fresno County work together to mobilize support and services for young children.