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Nominations are NOW OPEN through Friday, April 7.
We have the honor of annually awarding five businesses in Fresno County with a Child-Friendly Business Award. If your employer goes above and beyond for parent employees offering benefits such as a flexible work schedule, the option to work from home, or paid time off to attend your child’s school functions, we encourage you to nominate them for a 2023 Child-Friendly Business Award.

Along with the recognition of cultivating a work culture that other Fresno County businesses should aspire to have, winners of the Child-Friendly Business Award can expect to receive:

  • Local advertising announcing the winners
  • An award poster
  • 40 complementary hours of room usage at Lighthouse for Children
    *Valid one year from the award date
  • The honor of being an ongoing child-friendly award recipient partner of First 5 Fresno County

To submit a nomination by phone please call (559) 558-4907.

    (select all that apply)
  • Please feel free to share a story about a time you experienced a child-friendly policy at work.

Do you work at a Child-Friendly Business in Fresno County?

Since 2006, the annual Child-Friendly Business Awards have recognized businesses that support parent employees to balance the demands of work and being a parent.

Balancing work and family

Balancing work and family is not always easy. Whether it’s attending your child’s school activity or having a space to breastfeed, workplace flexibility makes a big difference.

In California, there are six laws that every working parent should know.

Share these laws with your employer and discuss which one could help you.